August 6, 2015

Summer Beach Reads 2015


Hey y’all! I just posted a new video to my YouTube channel!

I filmed this back in July when my family went to the beach. With school starting back up again soon I’m really missing the sand and the sun and how perfect that weekend was, especially because it meant lots of time for reading. These are some of the books I took with me and that I think are perfect pool/beach books.

What books do you like to read at the beach? Let me know 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Love always,


August 5, 2015

Favorite Book Covers


I am the type of person who gets really excited when I finish a great book and feel like I need to share its amazing-ness with the world. However, I never really had any close friends who were as enthusiastic about reading as I was when I was growing up. They would listen politely as I talked about this book I thought they would enjoy, only for them to reply with, “Sounds interesting” or “That’s nice” without another thought.

One of my best friends has been a great book buddy. We have the same tastes and would share books and discuss the things we liked in each one back in our high school days.

While I love that bond, I wanted to talk with more people about the novels I was reading, the worlds I was exploring, and hopefully learn of stories that would become new favorites.

Then last April I stumbled across this wonderful little community that I didn’t know existed on the Internet.

That community was BookTube.

Here were people sharing their opinions on books and getting all hyped up over their respective fandoms. And something told me to give it a shot.

I did try to film a video back during Labor Day weekend last year (which was forever ago), but I got so nervous and camera shy that I put it to the side.

I’ve figured, “Okay, it’s a new year, time to give this another shot.”

So while I work on overcoming the camera shyness, here’s a quick little video of some of my favorite covers. I’m curious to know what your favorites are so please share them in the comments either here or in the comments on the video 🙂



Love always,

August 5, 2015

All the Emotions


So I recently finished my final edit of my first book (at least until I send it to an actual editor who will tell me whether it sucks or not). I am currently a mess of emotions. Excited. Relieved. And a little worried.

When I started this book, it wasn’t like all the other stories I had started before. This one really pulled me in. It was like the characters were real and that I was actually with them, following them around, hearing all their jokes, experiencing the events of the book with them. Especially with my main character. She spoke to me so clearly that it’s hard to imagine her not being a real person with real problems that needed to be fixed.

I have plenty of other ideas. In fact I’m working on my second book now (not a sequel, but features a few of the characters mentioned in Book One). But I wonder if I will ever feel like that again, have my entire world wrapped up in a character, a setting, a story…or is this a one-time thing?

I really hope not. Because that feeling was amazing. To be swept up in a world, to actually interact with the characters, see the things they were seeing, feel the things they were feeling…it’s addicting.

Are there any other writers out there who feel that way? I know there must be.

If you are writer (whether it be published, fan fiction, or for your own enjoyment) and have felt something similar, please leave a comment below. I would love to talk about it with you.

Have a great week, lovelies!


August 3, 2015

Classic Corner | Peter Pan


Peter Pan was always one of my absolute favorite Disney cartoons growing up. The idea of flying out your window to a land free of responsibilities was so wonderful and though I knew it wasn’t really real, I spent many a night checking my window in the hopes that the boy who never grew up would stop by and whisk me away to see mermaids and fairies.

To be honest, that’s probably the reason I’m so in love with London. Six-year-old Lauren’s logic was that Peter Pan only visited London so our family needed to move there straight away before I grew too old.

peter pan front cover

So with my 21st birthday being this month on the 23rd, I decided to revisit Peter and Wendy and Tinkerbell. I read the original story before when I was younger, and I’ve seen a live recording of the play on a VHS at my Grammy’s house (ah, VHS tapes. Remember those?) so I know that it can be a bit darker, but that doesn’t stop this from being a great story. I mean, it’s a classic.

Along with the original story, I picked up my copy of The Little White Bird that I got last Christmas from my aunt which includes Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens, which further explain how Peter got to Neverland and formed the Lost Boys.

What’s your take on Peter Pan? Did you ever want to visit Neverland as well? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

(Also, the edition in the picture above is from Barnes and Noble and was only $10. Not a bad price for a pretty hardback.)