March 20, 2015

Down the Rabbit Hole | Wonderland Reads


Wonderland. A curious place full of time-crazed rabbits, talking flowers, and kooky characters who ask unsolvable riddles over tea. Lewis Carroll’s world has captivated children and adults for generations, and has inspired some wildly imaginative re-tellings. Pay a visit through the looking glass and see how the classic story is repainted in these vibrant and captivating series 🙂


The Looking Glass Wars Trilogy – Frank Beddor

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What if Wonderland wasn’t pretend? What if it was a real place, and the characters were not the characters we know, but real people? This is what Alyss Heart tries to explain when she stumbles into Victorian London. Everyone believes she is making up stories the way all children do, except for an aspiring author who is willing to write it all down. Except he gets it wrong. He turns all the people in Alyss’ life into nothing more than frivolous characters. The only part he gets right involves her evil aunt Redd, who is out rule Wonderland and our world with Dark Imagination. Alyss must find a way back home and save both our world and Wonderland from Redd’s tyrannical rule before it’s too late.

The Looking Glass Wars Trilogy consists of The Looking Glass Wars, Seeing Redd, and ArchEnemy.


Splintered Trilogy – A. G. Howard

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Splintered follows Alyssa, who is the great-great-great granddaughter of the original Alice whose stories inspired Lewis Carroll’s infamous works. Alyssa is able to hear the whispers of bugs and flowers, a curse passed down through the generations, and the very thing that landed her mother in a mental hospital. Alyssa soon learns that Wonderland is a lot darker than Lewis Carroll let on in his stories. Upon arriving in Wonderland, Alyssa is put to the test to right all of Alice’s mistakes and save her family from the madness that has plagued them for so long.

The Splintered Trilogy consists of Splintered, Unhinged, and Ensnared.


The Queen of Hearts Saga – Colleen Oakes

queen of hearts

Dinah’s days as Princess of Wonderland Palace is less than glamorous. Things go crumbling down when a stranger arrives at the palace. Suspicious and sinister events begin cropping up, and Dinah is left to unravel the mysteries around her before it’s too late.

The Queen of Hearts Saga currently consists of The Crown, and The Wonder. The third book, The Fury, is expected to be published sometime in 2015.

I mentioned another Wonderland-themed novel coming out this year by Marissa Meyer entitled Heartless. This is the first book in a duology revolving around the Queen of Hearts, which I am highly looking forward, as well.


Got any more Wonderland suggestions? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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