August 3, 2015

Classic Corner | Peter Pan


Peter Pan was always one of my absolute favorite Disney cartoons growing up. The idea of flying out your window to a land free of responsibilities was so wonderful and though I knew it wasn’t really real, I spent many a night checking my window in the hopes that the boy who never grew up would stop by and whisk me away to see mermaids and fairies.

To be honest, that’s probably the reason I’m so in love with London. Six-year-old Lauren’s logic was that Peter Pan only visited London so our family needed to move there straight away before I grew too old.

peter pan front cover

So with my 21st birthday being this month on the 23rd, I decided to revisit Peter and Wendy and Tinkerbell. I read the original story before when I was younger, and I’ve seen a live recording of the play on a VHS at my Grammy’s house (ah, VHS tapes. Remember those?) so I know that it can be a bit darker, but that doesn’t stop this from being a great story. I mean, it’s a classic.

Along with the original story, I picked up my copy of The Little White Bird that I got last Christmas from my aunt which includes Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens, which further explain how Peter got to Neverland and formed the Lost Boys.

What’s your take on Peter Pan? Did you ever want to visit Neverland as well? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

(Also, the edition in the picture above is from Barnes and Noble and was only $10. Not a bad price for a pretty hardback.)

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