February 6, 2015

Valentine’s Reads


Everyone loves a good Nicholas Sparks book/movie at this time of year, but if you are looking for something a little different to read this Valentine’s Day, check out these cute, light reads with delightful characters and romances that will leave your heart racing.



A Little Something Different – Sandy Hall

something different

Lea and Gabe are perfect for each other. They like the same Chinese takeout food, laugh at the same jokes, and are even in the same creative writing class. See, perfect? What’s not so perfect? They are both too shy and aloof to pursue their mutual crush. Something has to be done, and the people who see them every day take it upon themselves to get Lea and Gabe together. Sandy Hall’s debut novel gives us a glimpse at Lea and Gabe’s relationship and how sometimes you need a little push to get what you want.

This story is told from fourteen viewpoints, like classmates and teachers and even a bench. However, neither Gabe nor Lea narrates, which makes it really unique.

This book is so cute and funny and I highly recommend it.


The Girl Who Invented Romance – Caroline B. Cooney


Sixteen-year-old Kelly Williams has spent her life watching from the sidelines as her friends, her brother, and her parents play the game of love. Kelly takes notes of all their attempts and failures and decides to create a board game that really captures how people behave when they are struck by Cupid’s arrow. Caroline B. Cooney captures all the complexities of romance and love in this cute, page-turning story.


Love Story – Jennifer Echols

love story

Erin Blackwell is ecstatic to be majoring in creative writing at the school of her dreams. She plans on starting a new and exciting life in New York City that will help her forget about her past life in Kentucky. An unwanted reminder of that life appears in the form of Hunter Allen, a stable boy from her family’s ranch, who Erin has vowed to despise…so why does Hunter keep popping into her mind and become the main romantic man in her writing assignments for class? Jennifer Echols gives a sweet and sexy story that will hook you in from the first sentence.

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